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We reduced our packaging costs by 40% and all but eliminated package issues.

Grace Deapk Head of Information Systems

Made to make packaging faster!

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Windows 10 migration

Cut your Windows 10 migration time

Application packaging is the biggest time-sink in any Windows desktop migration project. Cutting wasted time in the application packaging process cuts the overall migration time.

Automated package tracking

Most technical personnel waste up-to 30% of their time tracking tasks and reporting.

PkgFlow automates package tracking through the process.

Check the details of the package in one page: where the package has been, and where it is going. See the log of every step taken on the journey.

Our PowerShell module allows technicians to update package statuses without visiting the app.

Cloud media library

Store and share application installation media along with the package details.

All files and documents related to the package in one place.

  • Categorised according to the stage of the process.
  • Search.
  • Share.
  • Archive.

Automated deployments

Our AppImport tool takes the manual labour out of the integration of applications.

Deploy packages within minutes. Remove up-to 2 hours of configuration time per package. And, no more checking the configuration looking for a mistake.

Configure the naming standards and common settings once! AppImport will create all the objects in the SCCM console.

Packaging service

End package issues - our expert packagers produce high quality packages!

On-demand packaging, optional subscription service for vulnerable apps (e.g. Flash). We can provide the packaging team, or extra capacity for when your team is under pressure.

  • More than 15 years of enterprise packaging experience.
  • Industry best practises.
  • Any package technology.

Analytics and Reporting

Identify areas of productivity and drag - act on it!

Visualize the current workload for a project, group or person.

View the dashboard to see the current workload. Apply data filters to visualise a single project, group or technician.

Charts, tables, dashboards, reports; the library is always growing. If you want a different report you can request it from within the app.

Download charts

Download any chart in the app as an image file.

Download reports

Share the project status for whatever viewpoint you want.

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Made to make packaging faster!

See what PkgFlow can do for you
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