Let the Package Flow

Track Packages

See all your packages in a single chart. Filter by applications, projects, customers or users.

Manage Workloads

Request -> assign -> reject -> approve packages as they move through the workflow.

Chart Progress

Visualize packages, team output, testing and deployments.

How it works

Packages move through the workflow.

  1. Departments are at the top of the tree.
  2. Users have rights on all the projects and packages that belong to the same department.
  3. Projects have workflows and packages.
  4. Workflows map the process to develop and complete packages.
  5. Packages belong to a project and move through the workflow.


Departments contain projects, users and packages.

Departments can be companies, divisions or groups and have a parent-child hierarchy.


Relate users to one or more departments.

Roles determine whether the user can change the data or view it.

Users will have the same permissions on all child departments.


Projects belong to a department and contain packages.

Track your project progress based on package delivery.


Packages have a state.

Every state change will trigger notification of the relevant stakeholder.

Timestamps of all state changes allow for monitoring, charting and reporting.


Workflows are an ordered list of states.

The package moves through states towards completion.


Packages flow through the system following the workflow.

Track your package progress through to delivery.

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